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HOG is a family oriented group for people who simply love to ride their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Visit the Darwin chapter of HOG website at www.darwinhog.com.au.for more information on:

Darwin HOG has regular rides every month. Please refer to our calendar page for details.

Darwin HOG usually meets on the first Friday of the month. Several inner and outer Darwin locations are used, along with the occasional journey further south. Text messages advising time and location are sent to all Darwin Chapter HOG members. Check our calendar page for dates/times and location, or contact one of the committee members if you are unsure.


Shortly after the Harley-Davidson Motor Company completed the buy back from AMF in 1982, the management team began exploring new ways to deepen the connection between Harley-Davidson and its customers.

The Harley Owners Group® organization was created at the beginning of 1983, and within two years, the first H.O.G.® Chapters were formed to not only connect riders to the Motor Company, but also connect them to dealers at a local level.

Today, there are more than 1,400 H.O.G.® Chapters and nearly a million members worldwide.


H.O.G.® Chapters provide opportunities for Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owners to come together with other like-minded people.

H.O.G.’s goal in the beginning is the same as it is now — To Ride & Have Fun. Everything a Chapter does should be geared toward that one goal. While Chapters may engage in other activities such as fund-raising, its main purpose is to unite members in riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.


While H.O.G.® Chapters have grown significantly since its beginning, much more growth is possible.Case studies and pilot research has shown that many dealerships are in need of additional support in improving and modernizing their local Chapter.

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